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non-tire rubber goods market

RubEx Market

Dear clients, partners of Rubex Group company and industry analysts, welcome to Rubex Market service. We start to publish overviews of rubber goods market for you to get the reliable information.

Rubex Market service will allow to increase the awareness of the key market participants and will increase the interest of industry analysts and investors in the industry. In case of total absence of information on the market in Russia, Rubex Market will allow you to imagine the development of the industry. Carrying capacity of all Russian rubber goods market  over 2014 was more than 310 thousand tons to the amount of about 80 billion rubles. The profile of the market is highly various and consists of 15 main product directions.


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Publication frequency – quarterly, in a month after the accounting period:

05.05.2015 – Market overview Q1 2015.
05.08.2015 – Market overview Q2 2015, H1 2015
05.11.2015   – Market overview Q3 2015, Q1-3 2015
05.02.2016 – Market overview Q4 2015, H2 2015, Q1-4 2015.

Rubex Market service - unique information about non-tire rubber goods market in Russia.

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