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Rubber linings are widely used throughout the world in the mills of the second and third stages of grinding and in re-grinding mills.

Rubber linings produced by Rubex Group are characterized by long service life, in general, exceeding the service life of metal linings during the wet grinding, where the metal is exposed to corrosion.

In the rubber linings the scheme “lifter-plate” is normally used, due to the wear characteristics of this material. Under various specifications, there is quite a wide range of different plates and lifters, as well as their installation.

The advantages of using rubber over metal linings:

  1. less wear – longer service life;
  2. reduce the consumption of grinding media;
  3. less weight – less pressure on the supporting bearings;
  4. the fit – the absence of pulp leak under the lining and through bolted connections;
  5. easy installation and dismantlement without the use of special welding and cutting works is a substantial reduction in labor costs for these types of operations, and therefore, the downtime of the mills reduces;
  6. minimal risk of injury during installation and demolition works;
  7. absorption of noise (50 %) and vibration.
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