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Opening of Rubex Textile


On the 9th of September 2016 on the basis of OJSC Kurskrezinotekhnika there was an opening of new fabric production – Rubex Textile.

The main activity of Rubex Textile is production of fabrics, manufacturing of natural silk, artificial and synthetic yarns, and production of chemical fibers.

In the ceremonial launch of technical fabrics production participated: the Governor of Kursk region Alexander Mikhailov, President of Rubex Group company Radik Mingazov, Chairman of the Board Vladimir Gordeev and other guests of honor.

Rubex Textile is carrying out the implementation of investment project for technical fabrics production which is counted to have two stages.

On the first stage the repair and reconstruction of production facility is finished, purchased and installed 15 units of contemporary technological equipment from Germany, including 13 weaving machines.

Installed production capacities will ensure the output up to 400 thousand square meters technical fabric per month, which will allow completely providing demand of OJSC Kurskrezinotekhnika in this product for conveyor belt manufacturing.

In 2017 as part of second stage implementation Rubex Textile LLC plans to additionally create a workshop for impregnation and thermal processing of technical fabrics, finishing the full technological cycle of their manufacturing, after that the production capacity of the facility will grow up to 900 thousand square meters per month. The company plans to spend about 500 million rubles for these purposes.

New high-tech manufacturing will allow our company to further strengthen its market positions. Moreover, modern machines and technologies allow Rubex Textile to manufacture products, which can compete with foreign analogues.

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