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Center of Rubex Group

RubEx Group Testing Center

Central Laboratory of  OJSC Kurskrezinotekhnika has been functioning since the very foundation of the plant. And now it is a multifunctional, technically equipped unit of RubEx Group holding. The laboratory includes testing center, which is certified by the Federal Service for accreditation (accreditation certificate №RA.RU.21AB16, issued on the 7th of April, 2015.), in compliance with GOST ISO/IEC 17025-2009 according approved trial area for a wide range of non-tire rubber products.

The experience of this unit’s activities is 29 years. During this time it was held more than 7 million different tests, tested more than 1000 kinds of ingredients, worked out manufacturing parameters for more than 22 000 products, and created more than 1500 types of rubber compounds. The testing center has at its disposal highly qualified specialists and more than 150 different types of the most modern testing and measuring equipment.

We carry out a wide range of non-tire rubber goods for compliance with the physical and mechanical, chemical, anti-static performance, thermal aging, fire safety and other types of tests related to the relevant groups of products.

Service Center in a nutshell

Learn more about our experience of non-tire rubber goods tests

  • Experience of 30 years of activity.

  • More than 7 million different tests carried out.

  • More than 1 000 kinds of ingredients tested.

  • Manufacturing parameters of more than 22 000 products developed.

  • More than 1 500 types of rubber compounds created.

  • More than 150 different types of testing and measuring equipment.

Ongoing research

Conveyor belt

Conveyor belt tests

  • strength of bond at stratification;
  • surface electrical resistance;
  • burning time;
  • oxygen index;
  • length of the undamaged section of the belt, at testing in the laboratory fire tunnel;
  • temperature of self-ignition;
  • oil-resistance;
  • abrasion;
  • heat- and frost-resistance (from -60°С to +200°С).

Hoses tests

  • hermiticity;
  • factor of safety;
  • frost-resistance;
  • ozone-reistance;
  • flame-resistance;
  • resistance to aggressive environments;
  • diameter changing;
  • bending radius.

Tests of moulded and non-moulded

  • strength characteristics (up to 30 MPa);
  • compression set;
  • heat- and frost-resistance (from -60°С to +200°С);
  • changing of parameters after artificial aging in air and in aggressive environments;
  • oil-, gas-, aggressive-resistance;
  • bond strength of rubber with metal and textile;
  • per-unit-volume electrical resistivity;
  • abrasion-resistance, volume loss at abrasion;
  • hermeticity, water resistance;
  • apparent density (for porous products);
  • static compression rigidity.

Equipment of Laboratory

Testing machine

«Instron - 5584»


V-3000 Basic «Mon Tech»

Testing chamber




Climatic chamber


Melting point

Melting Point System MP 50


Nicolet iS10

Moisture analyzer


Electronic рН-meter

HANNA edge

Analytical balances



Digital measuring equipment

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Contacts of Laboratory

For testing service inquires for third parties in accordance with area of accreditation you may contact:

Head of the Testing Center – Tatyana Birdus,
Tel.: +7 4712 38-12-82, +7 4712 37-79-78,
Fax:  +7 4712 37-15-71
e-mail: birdus@rubexgroup.ru

Head of Central Laboratory – Inna Demidova,
Tel. +7 4712 38-15-03
e-mail: Demidova@rubexgroup.ru

Deputy Head of Testing Laboratory  – Larisa Hramtsova
Tel. +7 4712 38-18-60
e-mail: hramcovala@rubexgroup.ru