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Lining for drum pelletizers for the mining industry

At mining enterprises until 2004 drum pelletizers were protected from wear by using a metal mesh, wasted conveyor belt and other materials. The effectiveness of such use was very low and eventually increased physical wear of drum pelletizers.

In close association with Mikhailovsky GOK (one of the largest mining and processing plant of iron ore in Russia and CIS), experts of Rubex Group have carried out a full range of research and development work, and become the first among Russian producers who developed a special lining plate offering solutions for fixing this product to the pelletizer (special cold-curing adhesive technology and special application).

The length of pelletizer is 14 m, diameter 3,8 m. The lining successfully passed operational tests at Mikhailovsky GOK.

Proven experience of lining plate for drum pelletizers in the mining industry has confirmed the feasibility of a new product: increased repair interval and performance of pelletizers. As a result, use of the rubber lining provided a stable output of particle size distribution (diameter of iron ore pellets).

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