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Special industrial hoses for metallurgical industry

Modern powerful arc furnace is used primarily as a unit for melting the charge and obtaining a liquid intermediate product, which is adjusted to the required chemical composition with further processing.

One of the main elements responsible for the performance of the furnace is electric supply cables which are heated in the process and require mandatory cooling.

OEMK addressed to Rubex Group in order to solve the problem of cooling the cables. Our experts have suggested putting a copper wire cable into a special rubber-textile hose through which water will be supplied and cool a wire to the temperature required for the smooth operation of the unit. We have developed the design and selection of materials to meet the required operating conditions with specifications of our product.

Today Rubex Group is the exclusive manufacturer of hoses of this type in Russia. Industrial hoses for steel-smelting arc furnaces of Rubex Group production are manufactured with different diameters – from 12 mm to 70 mm and an operating pressure of 15 bar. Our development has allowed to offer a unique solution for the steel industry and to supply our hoses to many metallurgical enterprises of Russia and CIS countries.

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