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Steel-cord rubber conveyor belts’ weight reduction

Customer focus is one of the main strategic objectives of Rubex Group. Directorate of Marketing is constantly studying the latest global developments in non-tire rubber products and consumer preferences with the purpose of anticipating the customer’s needs.

In the course of technical benchmarking of the steel-cord rubber conveyor belts market, carried out by the Directorate of Marketing, it was figured out that promising high-tech and popular products on the market are energy-efficient steel-cord rubber conveyor belts. Due to the reduced weight the load on the electrical engine and the elements of the conveyor mill decrease in order to reduce electricity costs.

Experts of Rubex Group developed the analogical belt with an improved design. Because of the use of special cords with smaller diameter, the weight of the belt is reduced by 10%, remaining all operational characteristics.

Conveyor belts of this design are available in the abrasion-resistant (rubber compound of the carrying side cover: I, X, W), mining (G-1, G-2, TCO, V), frost-resistant (M) and heat-resistant performances (T-1, T -2).

We have developed the belt which will create significant competition to the belts of the same class of the leading European manufacturers.

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