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Hydraulic hoses for Hydroflex Ltd

The largest company in Russia for the wholesale and maintenance service of building and road machines, combines, tractors, balers – Hydroflex Ltd – addressed to specialists of Rubex Group with a proposal to develop the hydraulic hoses with the optimal specifications for the repair and maintenance of imported equipment (JOHN DEER, CLAAS , LEXION, AGCO and others.)

Technological department of our company has analyzed all the characteristics of the existing hydraulic hoses of foreign/Russian manufacture and compare them with the requirements of the transport operation.

As a result, we have developed hydraulic hoses of braided design specifically for use in hydraulic units of the road, construction and agricultural machinery. Regarding technical specifications (operating pressure) they exceed hoses of type 1SN, but do not reach the parameters of 2SN hoses. Therefore we have provided the necessary and sufficient quality of hydraulic hoses to complete the work and were able to offer to consumers a product at an attractive price with the best performance properties.

Hydraulic hoses are available in two diameters: 12 mm and 16 mm with an operating pressure of 210 and 180 bar respectively. Comparison table of operating pressures of Rubex Group hoses as per TS 2554-306-00149245-2009, EN 853 1SN and EN 853 2SN:

Hydraulic hose type EN 853 1SN TS 2554-306-00149245-2009 EN 853 2SN EN 853 1SN TS 2554-306-00149245-2009 EN 853 2SN
Diameter, mm 12 16
Operating pressure, bar 160 210 275 130 180 250
Pressure at break, bar 640 640 1100 520 540 1000


Over the last 5 years Hydroflex Ltd. with the help of our developments provided reliable performance for more than 10 000 units of construction, road and agricultural machinery.

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