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Hydraulic hoses for brand new fire trucks

Aqua-Pyro-Alliance company mutually with the scientists from the Academy of the State Fire Service of EMERCOM of Russia have developed a new line of fire-fighting equipment – production and use of fire-fighting and rescue vehicles with the ability of extinguishing with steam. Production of key units, assemblies and components for these vehicles established at the leading enterprises of Russia with modern technologies of production and quality control of components. Among of such enterprises the asset of Rubex Group holding came in – Kurskrezinotekhnika.

On order of Aqua-Pyro-Alliance our specialists have developed special steam-conductive hydraulic hoses with metal braid for firefighting multipurpose vehicles. The hoses are available in two diameters – 16 and 25 mm and provide a working pressure from 88 to 250 bar. The exclusive feature of this product is to keep the hydraulic hose’s performance when transporting steam with a temperature of up to + 175°C.

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