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Industrial hoses of light design

For enterprises of our holding the essential task is to ensure production output that meets the requirements of the market and reasonable in terms of price and quality. There are plenty of approved standards, which regulate the release of industrial hoses with strictly defined characteristics. However, due to the diversity of products applicability, the consumer sometimes needs to use hoses with the specifications below serially produced, without loss of lifetime of the product.

Experts of Rubex Group, in close collaboration with key consumers of our products, carried out a large-scale research of the necessary performance for all types of industrial hoses.

As a result, we have developed a wide range of industrial hoses for standard specifications with optimal technical parameters to ensure the efficiency of machinery and equipment, for which the standard hoses have excessive quality and, accordingly, higher prices.

Rubex Group produces industrial hoses of lightweight design according to TS of different diameters (16 to 200 mm) and pressures (2.5 to 20 bar) for delivery under pressure: petrol, kerosene, mineral oil-based oils, hot and industrial water, nutrients. The cost of such hoses is below manufactured according to the standards GOST, without loss of quality characteristics for the specific operating conditions.

Many customers have appreciated our products and successfully used it in the production cycle of their businesses.

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