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Industrial hoses for fish pumps

With the development and modernization of the fishing vessels equipment and fish processing facilities with fishing gear and related devices, they began to use centrifugal and airlift fish pumps, different in the principle of operation and the quality of fish. All of them are equipped with pipes made of rubber-textile fishing hoses with metal spirals.

On order of the fishing industry customers, experts of Rubex Group have developed the design and production technology of hoses, ensuring high-quality and fast transport of the fish without its damage. Besides, when the fish passes through the hose, as a result of high water pressure, fish scale is cleaned from external contamination. All of this contributes to the quality of product and fishing, reducing the time for its transportation and reloading.

Hoses for fish pumps of Rubex Group production with textile carcass and metal spiral are designed for seawater suction with live fish from a depth of not more than 100 meters at sea state up to 6 points. Efficient at an ambient temperature of -35 to + 50°C, available in diameters of 200 and 250 mm and a length of 4 m.

Our products are successfully operated at many fish processing factories and fishing trawlers of Russia.

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