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Manufacture of high-quality industrial hoses on «Rubicon» production line

The modernization of the production asset of Rubex Group holding – OJSC Saransky Zavod Rezinotekhnika – allows us to produce a wide range of high-quality industrial hoses.

In 2012 at OJSC SZRT new line for the production of pressure hoses was put into operation. The line is produced by the leading German manufacturer of equipment for the production of rubber goods – Rubicon Gummitechnik und Maschinenbau GmbH. Annual capacity of the new equipment allows producing more than 7 million linear meters of high-quality hoses.

The key advantages of the Rubicon equipment and its products are:

  • high dimensional precision for non-mandrel technology and the stability of extrusion
  • possibility of maximum adaptation of equipment for the parameters of the raw materials of OJSC SZRT
  • full automation and integration of all the assemblies in a single control system
  • to provide adhesion of internal and external rubber layers with thread carcass an infrared tunnel and vacuuming system are used, excluding the additional smearing stage.

The line allows producing a wide range of hoses of various diameters (from 6.3 mm to 25 mm) corresponding to the world standards of quality:

  • light long length pressure rubber hoses with thread carcass
  • rubber hoses for gas welding and metal cut
  • long length pressure rubber hoses with thread carcass
  • unreinforced pressure rubber hoses with thread carcass.

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