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Flooring for railway crossings of new design

Railroad crossings – crossings of roads with railway lines at the same level – are equipped with the necessary devices to ensure safety, improve the conditions of passing trains and vehicles.

For the purpose of road transport’s safety, at the intersection of roads with railways and tram lines are installed rubber flooring. The most common designs of rubber flooring until recently were flooring under the fastening of type ZHBR, KB and CP. However, stricter requirements on the part of Russian Railways to the reliability and service life of all the elements and components of the railway led to new and improved rail fastenings ARS (anchor-rail fastener).

Rubex Group has developed a new design for the flooring of railway crossings with ARS that provides lifetime railway sleeper more than 50 years of operating at the temperature range from -40 0С  to + 60 0С.

They provide a reliable fastening of rail lashes from the longitudinal movement without periodic making tight of bond elements; therefore there is a significant reduction in operating expenses for the current maintenance of railway. Due to the substantial reduction of loads in the zone of interaction between the anchor and the sleeper as compared with loadings of using insert bolts in the fastening KB-65, creep or vibrocreep are sharply reduced that provides lifetime of sleepers more than 50 years – 2 times more than other flooring under the rail fastening type ZHBR, KB and CP.

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