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Survival suits for the Russian Navy

After loss of Komsomolets submarine Russian Navy purchased 34 thousand of survival suits ARO40V (Germany). During rescue operations they quickly broke down, were in need of replacement or repair. In Russia, at that point in time, there was no production of such goods.

Commissioned by the Institute of rescue cases and underwater engineering works of the Russian Navy, experts of Rubex Group mutually with the Japanese company ITOCHU developed a low molecular weight cellular material, duplicated with jersey (analogue of neoprene), then Research and Development Center of Rubex Group developed a method of survival suits producing.

As a result, we have worked out the technology of manufacturing of the individual means of rescue for personnel of the Navy ships and vessels due to the positive buoyancy provided by hydrothermal survival suit and maintained normal body temperature by isolating it from the external aqueous environment. Hydrothermal suit’s material for its sanitary properties meets the requirements of the Ministry of Health.

Our survival suit is made of waterproof material – neoprene – resistant to petroleum products, having good buoyancy, not combusting and ensuring hermeticity.

Product design and the materials used provide possibility to put it on without assistance at minus 30°C. In addition, the suit is equipped with means of detecting (reflective stripes of 400 cm2 on the front and 100 cm2 on the back,  the whistle, search electrofire that meets SOLAS Convention SOLAS-74/96 and LSA Code requirements with water-activated battery, 10 years  of service life, intensity 0,75Kd, fire burning time at least 8 hours, lifting device to get out of the water, floating safety line, packing bag).Operating condition of hydrothermal survival suit is provided at seawater from -10°C to + 30°C. Service life is at least 10 years.

Rubex Group is the only Russian manufacturer of hydrothermal survival suits based on their own neoprene and the main supplier of the Russian Navy.

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