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High-quality rubber compounds

Trading rubber is a semi-finished product for the production of rubber goods, footwear products, cables and so on. The technological process of rubber compounds manufacturing is a mechanical, more often, consequential mixing of rubber and ingredients in special technological mixing equipment – mill rolls or intermixer (closed or open type).

The quality of any rubber products depends on the purity of rubber compounds. In April of 2015 OJSC Saransky Zavod Rezinotekhnika started up a new line of the company UTH GmbH (Germany) for the production of strained rubber. The new equipment allows us to produce up to 12600 tons of purified compounds per year.

Our new rubbers produced with use of straining process have a list of advantages:

  • Absence of inclusions, the degree of purification is adjusted with applying of the filter screen (014, 028, 050);
  • Higher stability of properties (viscosity, rheometry, physical and mechanical parameters);
  • Convenient output form, rubber strip with width 120 or 350 uninterrupted length, stockpiled on pallets and covered with film.

We provide consumers with free of inclusions rubber compounds that allow producing high-quality sealing profiles and hoses for insulation and sheathing of cables and wires, gumming/rubberizing of processing equipment and chemical equipment, hermeticity of the body panels of cars, manufacture of stamps, rubber coverings of rolls and so on.

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