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«Rubbers, Tires and Rubber goods 2015»


Inventra Company, part of Creon group and dealing with exhibitions organizations, fairs and conferences, will arrange the 10th International conference «Rubbers, Tires and Rubber Goods 2015», which will take place on the 16th of October 2015 at the hotel « Baltschug Kempinski», Moscow.

The annual conference traditionally aims to draw a line under the outgoing year and build a development strategy for the upcoming period.

The following issues will be presented for a discussion:

  • What will happen to the Russian market of synthetic rubber and its derivatives in 2015?
  • Which application areas may be better than general market ones?
  • What selling niches are opening for Russian plants in conditions of expensive import?
  • What will happen if and when foreign competitors return to the market?
  • How competitive are the domestic rubber compounds?
  • On which supporting measures can the industry count?

To assess and forecast the market situation the reports from top industry experts will be featured.

Rubex Group for the second year will participate in this conference. The representative of the managing company Rubex Group will deliver a report “Review of non-tire rubber goods and market trends in Russia”. The report will affect the basic economic parameters of the industry; the financial position of companies, as well as the features of the market represented with conveyor belts, industrial, drilling and hydraulic hoses, technical plates and other non-tire rubber goods.

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