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5 elements

TU 38.1051909-89

TU 38.1051909-89 rubber hose components for use in auto vehicles, tractors and agricultural machines for pressure-aided delivery of water, antifreeze, petroleum derived liquid fuels and oils.
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GOST 10362-76

GOST 10362-76 thread-based non-reinforced delivery rubber hoses are used as flexible pipelines for pressure-aided delivery of air, inert gases, and fluids.
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TU 0056016-87

TU 0056016-87 hoses and fabric-reinforced couplings are used as flexible connecting pipelines for hydraulic, air, fuel, oil and other systems of special application equipment.
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TU 38.1051136-77

Rubber hose with reinforcement of polyester fibers (polyester) for KAMAZ vehicles without terminating TU 38.1051136-77 designed to supply pressurized diesel fuel.
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TU 38.105372-83

TU 38.105372-83 delivery thread-reinforced rubber hoses are used in combine harvesters as flexible pipelines for pressure-aided delivery of kerosene in compliance with GOST 18499-73 requirement and of AS-8 oil in compliance with GOST 10541-78 requirement. Designed for complementing grain combine harvesters.
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