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Шламовые рукава RubEx Group

Износостойкие резинотканевые шламовые рукава для магистралей диаметром до 610 мм и рабочим давлением до 16 бар.

8 (800) 505-98-70
Rubex Group предлагает комплексное решение от разработки документации до монтажа износостойкой магистрали.
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TU 38.1051909-89

TU 38.1051909-89 rubber hose components for use in auto vehicles, tractors and agricultural machines for pressure-aided delivery of water, antifreeze, petroleum derived liquid fuels and oils.
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TU 38.105256-88

Rubber technical hoses for AvtoVAZ and other producers automobiles TS 38.105256-88 are intended for coolant supply, air and engine oil to heating systems, hydraulic brakes of AvtoVAZ and other producers automobiles.

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TU 0056016-87

TU 0056016-87 hoses and fabric-reinforced couplings are used as flexible connecting pipelines for hydraulic, air, fuel, oil and other systems of special application equipment.
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TU 75.06008-30-90

TU 75.06008-30-90 corrugated rubberized textile hoses of the car and tractor heating and ventilation systems are designed for feeding air to the car’s and tractor’s cabin and glasses for heating and ventilation, and cold air to the car motor’s pre-start heatup.
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