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Шламовые рукава RubEx Group

Износостойкие резинотканевые шламовые рукава для магистралей диаметром до 610 мм и рабочим давлением до 16 бар.

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Rubex Group предлагает комплексное решение от разработки документации до монтажа износостойкой магистрали.
6 elements

GOST 5398-76

GOST 5398-76, class KShch  (for  acids  and  alkalis) non-reinforced delivery and suction rubber hoses are designed for suction and delivery of weak solutions of inorganic acids and alkalis with concentration up to 20%.
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TU 1051308-83/6664

TU  1051308-83/6664  delivery  and  suction  hoses  are designed  for  pressure-aided  transfer  of  chemical compounds (solutions #1, #2-AShch, #2-BShch and water solutions DTS-GK and SF-2U).
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TU 2554-300-00149245-2008

TU 2554-300-00149245-2008  rubber hoses  for anhydrous ammonia  into-earth  introduction  machines  are  used  as flexible pipelines for putting liquid ammonia into refill tanks, for connecting gas chambers of the refill unit and the system in  a  steam  return  refilling  method  and  in  feeding  liquid ammonia from the pump to the system’s operating elements.
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TU 2552-236-00149245-98

TU  2552-236-00149245-98,  class  Sh,  delivery  and  suction textile carcass-based rubber hoses are designed for  delivery and suction of various abrasives. Operating vacuum, 0.08 MPa.
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TU 38.105698-79/6269

TU 38.105698-79/6269 braided and wound rubber hoses are designed for transfer, under pressure, of I, 2AShch, 2 BShch solutions, calcium hydrochloride suspensions and SF-2U compounds.
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TU 38.105985-81

Rubber hose braiding for the oil industry used as flexible pipelines for supplying pressurized water, cement and mud with oil content of up to 20%.
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