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3 elements
Отбойные причальные приспособления и брус привальный

Mooring fenders and fender bars

Mooring fenders are intended for mooring of vessels to the piers to ensure convenient access and mooring of vessels. They are fixed on moorings walls horizontally or vertically in one or two rows.

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Кранец швартовый пневматический

Pneumatic mooring fenders

Pneumatic mooring fenders are intended for cushion the blows of sealing vessels on the side of a depot ship during material handling, as well as for moor ships on the open sea in case of heavy sea.

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Immersion suits

An immersion suit is a major detail of undersea boatman equipment. And independent from its purpose, it should perform the main function – to conserve heat of a human body, as it is rather difficult to spend several hours even in warm water.

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