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6 elements
Для принудительного снижения скорости

For forced speed reduction

Rubex Group offers artificial road obstacle ИДН-1 (“sleeping policemen”). Represents a local artificial hill arranged perpendicular to the traffic direction on public roadways in zones of increased danger

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Для строительных и дорожных машин

For building and road-building machines

RubEx Group offers wide range of non-tire rubber goods for various building and road-building machines

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РТИ Для строительных конструкций

For building constructions

In order to solve fire-safety problems Rubex Group suggests using protection against fire spread “Stop fire” and “Kriler”.

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Шнуры резиновые круглого,квадратного, трапецеидального и прямоугольного сечений

Rubber cords of round, square, rectangular and trapezoidal sections

Are intended to seal fixed detachable connections with pressure up to 0,5 MPa in order to protect from dust, dirt.

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Ковры диэлектрические

Dielectric carpets

Our dielectric carpets are applied as additional safety equipment in indoor electrical installations with voltage over 1000W, except extremely wet rooms and outdoor electrical installations in dry weather.

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Уплотнители для стекол

Gaskets for windows

Glazing gaskets for windows are intended for window sealing in balcony and hothouse frames at air temperature from -30 to + 60 °C. Products meet state sanitary-epidemiological rules and regulations.

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