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5 elements
РТИ Для птицефабрик

For battery farms

For battery farms Rubex Group produces feather picking fingers to remove feathers from chickens. Our production provides high-quality picking without injuries of skin and limbs of a bird.

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РТИ Для комплектации узлов и агрегатов сельскохозяйственных машин

For equipment of units and aggregates of agricultural machinery

A wide range of rubber products for the various components and assemblies of agricultural machinery.

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Детали к картофелеуборочным комбайнам

Parts for potato harvesters

Details for potato harvesters produced by Rubex Group have high-wearing features that reduce operational costs and increases operational efficiency of combines.

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Для животноводческих ферм

For livestock farms

Rubber plates for livestock enterprise flooring are applied as floor covering in livestock houses, pig-breeding farms.

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РТИ Для доильных установок и оборудования для первичной обработки молока, выпойки телят

For milking machines and equipment for primary processing of milk, calf rearing

To reduce operational expenses and increase labor productivity when milking cows in stalls on the leash various milking machines are used, which are completed with teat cup liners, spouts, milking pipelines and other rubber parts.

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