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3 elements
Резинотехнические изделия для подвижного состава железных дорог

Non-tire rubber goods for rolling stocks

A rolling stock consists of locomotives, railcars, motor-coach trains and rail motor cars. Traffic safety of trains in a great measure depends on reliability of aggregates, railway junctions and rolling stock elements.

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Детали резиновые для настилов ЖД переездов

Rubber components for railway crossing floorings

Rubber components for railway crossing floorings and wooden sleepers produced by Rubex Group meet the construction documentation: ОП 467.000, ОП 506.000, НИ – 17917.000 and 2741.000 are approved by Department of railway tracks and constructions of Ministry of Transportation of the Russian Federation.

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Прокладки резиновые для ЖД рельс

Rubber gaskets for railway rails

In Russia rail transport is the main link of production and social infrastructure. Safety of all passengers and safety of transported commodities depend on strength and reliability of railway lines.

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