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7 elements
Вентиляционные трубы

Ventilation pipes

Mine ventilation pipe is designed for providing of mine workings and underground spaces with air where there is a risk of accumulation of methane or coal dust.

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Скребок штыбоочистителя

Gummer scraper

For gummer of working surfaces of belts mounted on conveyors operating in open pit and underground coal mines, as well as the enterprises of other industries.

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Пластины резиновые для футеровки барабанов ленточных конвейеров

Rubber plates for belt conveyor drums lining

Note: for drums with diameter 630 mm there is a possibility to produce plates with length aliquot to 2100 mm, for drums with diameter 800 mm — with length aliquot to 2600 mm.

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Пластины резиновые износостойкие для футерования металлических поверхностей

Abrasion-resistant rubber plates for metal surfaces lining

Designed for lining with cold curing adhesives the metal surfaces of tanks, flotation chambers, scrubbers, hydrocyclones, slurry trenches, bucket loaders of clay sticking rocks, transport and other equipment for the purpose of protecting it from hydroabrasive wear, sticking of the processed or transported materials and corrosion.

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Плиты к вагоноопракидывателям

Plates for wagon tipplers

The wagon tipplers are the most powerful means of unloading bulk cargo from open wagons. Rubex Group is a manufacturer of plates for the fixed and rotary wagon tipplers.

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Детали для футеровок рудоразмольных мельниц

Parts for ore-pulverizing mills lining

Rubber linings produced by Rubex Group are characterized by long service life, in general, exceeding the service life of metal linings during the wet grinding, where the metal is exposed to corrosion.

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