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Pneumatic mooring fenders are intended for cushion the blows of sealing vessels on the side of a depot ship during material handling, as well as for moor ships on the open sea in case of heavy sea.

Rubex Group fenders have high operational properties; effectively protect shipside from damages and deformation. They operate in sea water at water temperature from -2 to +32 °C and at air temperature from -40 to +45 °C.

Rubber-textile-cord fender, 2000 ×4000 mm is a rubber- textile-cord balloon of cylindrical form with rounded edges and end apertures. Hermetic plugging of end openings is performed by means of metal flanges that have a device for filling the fender with air and fixing the details, being part of mooring-fender protection of the vessel. Operating internal pressure: 0,05-0,06 MPa , weight 1,0 t, guaranteed service life of 1,5 years.

Rubber-fabric fender, 925×3000 mm is a balloon in the form of a cylinder with strengthening ribs and spherical bottoms, consists of rubber-fabric cover with metal flanges and rubber bag with valve built in it. The bag is replaceable. Operating internal pressure: 0,078 MPa, weight 0,38 t, guaranteed service life of 1 year.

Name of product Dimensions, mm Internal operating pressure, MPa Weight, tons Warranty
Rubber-textile-cord fender 2000×4000 0,05-0,06 1,0 1,5 years
Rubber-fabric fender 925×3000 0,078 0,38 1 year
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