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New Rubex Group website


Dear partners and colleagues, we are pleased to inform you that deliberately for your requests we have developed new informative and maximally convenient website of Rubex Group company!

The purpose of the project www.rubexgroup.ru was to create convenient and at the same time informative site of industrial manufacturer with global best practices application and with the description of our advantages. We are leaders in Russia on most products of our industry and have tried to create a website to “blow up” our market with the new standards, new approaches to customer orientation, and ultramodern look at simple and clear description of complex technical products with a huge product line.

Among main tools to improve the uniqueness and information capacity of the website are the following:

  • Product solutions – separation of the products on the main directions with emphasizing and grouping of main non-tire rubber goods applications for convenient and fast information search;
  • Product range – alternative ways of finding the necessary products through product solutions, where the products are divided by areas of application and by product range where consumers see the whole range of specific product lines and can directly go into a detailed description;
  • Implemented projects – block of 33 presented the largest and most important projects with description of the problem at the consumer and our decision, a brief description of our methods of creating fundamentally new products. By implementing this service, we emphasize our commitment to the customer and individual industrial approach, not in words, but in the most important projects, including social ones;
  • Digitizing – we have implemented a project for core, the most important facts about our company in numbers, as the company-wide and within each product line;
  • Rubex Market™ – given service is unique and the only one not only in Russia but also in the global market for the production of rubber products and is dedicated to the free market analysis of the rubber industry in Russia. In order to gain access to Rubex Market ™, you must pass a free registration. By implementing this project, we carry out the strategy of cooperation and involvement of key stakeholders in the market (dealers, banks, investment analysts, consultants, investors, government agencies);
  • Promotion materials – unit represented from product catalogs, industry solutions, leaflets, related content. The total volume of promotional materials consists of more than 400 pages with your own navigation inside documents;
  • Technical calculator – we have developed and posted on the website rubexgroup.ru special calculator that quickly and accurately helps customers to calculate the performance of the hose, the necessary pressure on the line, possible hydraulic losses, based on their specific requests. These calculations have been programmed and compiled on the basis of the Torricelli Act, scale of Reynolds and Altshul formulas;
  • Dynamic informational banners – we have implemented a project on dynamic information banners which are animated photo blocks on the main page with a brief description of our unique services with links to them. Dynamic banners replace each other and have calculated time intervals

Implementing this project, our team, along with all of the above, tried to make the site maximally crossed, allowing customers to easily find the information they need and exclude pages, not related to the main blocks. Additionally, we have created services for easy search of media information, the standards of production, photo image bank for customers. The direct interaction with customers we have implemented services on a subscription and feedback with a choice of the relevant divisions of the Managing Company on key pages.

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