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Mooring fenders

Mooring fenders are intended for mooring of vessels to the piers to ensure convenient access and mooring of vessels. They are fixed on moorings walls horizontally or vertically in one or two rows. The arrangement of fenders on moorings depends on mooring structure, conditions of moorings and possibility of moorings of vessels.

Mooring fenders produced by Rubex Group ensure high reliability and safety of moorings of any vessels.

Our mooring fenders are resistant to sun rays exposure, don’t lose their qualities in sea water with oil product ingestion at air temperature from -30 °C to +40 °C.

Rubber fender bars

Small damages of motor boats, yachts or boats can become a serious problem. However, such problem can be avoided by means of installation of a fender bar. A rubber fender bar serves to protect a vessel hull from crash against the mooring, other water vehicles and any other hindrances on the way.

Наименование Размер, мм Standard Operational environment
Fender bar 140х140х80140х100х100 TS 2500-376-00149245-99 Operated in sea water with oil product ingestion at air temperature from -30 °C to +40 °C.
Mooring fender Ø300х150х3000 TS 2500-376-00149245-99
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