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RubEx Group details

General Director: Alexey Sergeyevich Frolov, acting on the basis of the Statute.
Legal and actual address: 123610, Moscow, Krasnopresnenskaya quay, 12, office 1002
Tax identification number 7703787360
Tax registration reason code 770301001
settlement account (rubles): №40702810200001452663
in JSC Raiffeisenbank, Moscow,
BIC 044525700
correspondent account 30101810200000000700
OKPO 17393765

OJSC Kurskrezinotekhnika details

Managing Director of Rubex Group LLC : Sergey Anatolyevich Sinigibsky, acting on the basis of the power of attorney №115 ur of 24 November  2014
Legal and actual address: 305018, Russia, Kursk, prospect Leninskogo Komsomola, 2
Tax identification number 4632001454
Tax registration reason code 463250001
settlement account (rubles): №40702810000500000343
in OJSC Kurskprombank, Kursk,
BIC 043807708
correspondent account 30101810800000000708
OKPO 00149245

OJSC Saransky Zavod Rezinotekhnika details

Managing Director of Rubex Group LLC: Valeriy Urievich Sarychev, acting on the basis of the power of attorney №170 of 19.05.2015.
Legal and actual address: 430031, Saransk, Severo-vostochnoe shosse, 15.
Tax identification number 1328028538
Tax registration reason code 132801001
settlement account (rubles): №40702810900000000032
in KB OJSC «Mordovpromstroybank» Saransk,
BIC 048952729
correspondent account 30101810300000000729
OKPO 00149334