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of conveyor belts

Projects implemented by Service Center

RubEx specialists carried out a number of successful projects at the largest metallurgical and mining enterprises in Russia and Europe

Results of implemented projects

Recommendations of Rubex Group allowed

  • increasing operational life of conveyor belts up to 30-50%.

  • reducing cost of conveyor belts ownership up to 20-40%.

  • increasing service life of conveyor equipment up to 20%.

  • carrying out prevention of accidents by 20-30%.

  • reducing downtime by 20-30%.

Problem: sticking

  • damage and contamination of the components of the conveyor (belts, drums, rollers, etc.).
  • loss of material
  • deviation from the trajectory of movement of the belt with the belt's covers damage
  • inefficient transportation of sticked material

Solutions and recommendations

It is recommended to use the scraper cleaners:
  • Apply to clean working and non-working covers of belts with any kind of splicing joints.
  • Install external cleaner on empty branch of the conveyor for cleaning the working cover of belt.
  • Recommendations to use carbide scrapers of Linear series for cleaning the working covers of belts on the belts spliced by the "cold" and "hot" vulcanization.
Solutions proposed by Rubex will increase the lifetime of belts up to 30-50% and to increase the service life of rollers and metal drums up to 15-20%

Problem: belt's working cover abrasion

  • Smaller belt life, frequent repairs and replacements

Solutions and recommendations

  • Revealed improper installation of rubber seals - recommendations on materials and installation, depending on the size belts.
  • Recommended wear-resistant hopper lining of certain brands.
  • Recommended use of the conveyor belt with the other technical characteristics on abrasion.
The proposed solutions allow to extend the lifetime of conveyor belts up to 30-50%

Problem: gaps between belt and side guides

  • spillages occurrence on all conveyors
  • jamming and damage of rollers
  • damage of belt's covers
  • violation of the straightness of the belt's movement
  • reduction in the efficiency of the use of rubber seals

Solutions and recommendations

It is recommended to use damper beams, which allows:
  • lowering belt load by reducing the kinetic energy of falling material
  • protecting the belt from the rips, breakdowns and other damage
  • protecting area of load from spillage and loss of material
  • increasing efficiency of rubber seals application
  • maintaining the straightness of conveyor belt's move
The proposed solutions will save performance of belt, increasing operational resource (compared to the existing ones) up to 30-50%

Problem: deviated straightness of move

  • wear on the edges of the belt, a shorter service life, frequent repairs and replacements
  • coming off belts from conveyor
  • damage of rollers and rollers' supports

Solutions and recommendations

It is recommended to use certain brands drums lining, which will allow:
  • increasing operational condition of conveyor equipment
  • increasing clutch between belt and drum to avoid sliding of the belt
  • protect drum and non-working cover of belt from wear
  • stabilize the straightness of move
  • reduce the load on the conveyor components, belt and splicing joints, due to the operation of the conveyor system with a lower tension of belt
The proposed solutions will save performance of belt, increasing operational resource (compared to the existing ones) up to 30-50%

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