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Резинотканевая лента для легких условий эксплуатации

Area of application:

Designated for transporting of low-abrasive and non-abrasive, small, loose and packaged materials at ambient temperature from -25 °C to +60°C. Major application areas are: agriculture, extraction of non-metallic construction materials (gravel, sand, cement), transportation of loose and packaged materials.
Тип лентыТип ткани прокладкиКоличество прокладокПрочность при разрыве по основе Н/ммВид борта
Belt typeFabric lining typeNumber of liningsRupture strength as per N/mmEdge type
2Л, 3, 4,Л-…Л-1БКНЛ-5-2, EP-100, EP-125, EP-1503165 - 450НБ
2Л, 3, 4,Л-…Л-1БКНЛ-5-2, EP-100, EP-125, EP-1504220 - 600НБ
2Л, 3, 4,Л-…Л-1БКНЛ-5-2, EP-100, EP-125, EP-1505275НБ
2Л, 3, 4,Л-…Л-1БКНЛ-5-2, EP-100, EP-125, EP-1506330НБ
2Л, 3, 4,Л-…Л-1TK-200-2, TЛK-200-MA2400НБ
2Л, 3, 4,Л-…Л-1ЕР-2003600НБ
2Л, 3, 4,Л-…Л-1ЕР-2004800НБ
2Л, 3, 4,Л-…Л-1ЕР-20051000НБ
Used elastomer: Л-1 (DIN CODE Z light)
2Л, 3, 4,Л-…Л-1 – for light operating conditions