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Energy-efficient rubber-textile conveyor belts

During the audit of JSC “Saratovsky zavod stroimaterialov” conveyor systems by Rubex Group customer service it was found out that the existing operational conditions require belt with reduced weight parameters with maintaining the strength and abrasion-resistant characteristics. This would decrease energy consumption and increase the productivity of conveyor transport.

Experts of Rubex Group have carried out the complex of research and development activities over the past 2 years to determine the possibility of energy-efficient types of technical rubber goods production by upgrading the design and application of new materials. As a result, the first among the Russian manufacturers of conveyor belts, Rubex Group has developed a belt carcass on the basis of special fabrics, not applied previously, with improved rubber compounds – it made possible to reduce the weight of the belt, while maintaining strength properties without cost increase.

As a result of the successful performance testing of energy-efficient rubber-textile conveyor belt of Rubex Group at JSC ” Saratovsky zavod stroimaterialov ” it was noted the significant improvement in characteristics of the belt and conveyor transport:

1) Elongation of the conveyor belt was no more than 0.5%, that allowed to avoid downtime related with additional belt tension;

2) Reduced weight of the conveyor belt will decrease the cost of electricity due to a smoother starter; reduction of the load on the conveyor elements of the mill and reduction of the load on the electric motor.

The innovative conveyor belt of Rubex Group manufacture will minimize energy costs and OPEX, improve the performance of conveyor systems and reduce the load on the conveyor elements.

From the 1st quarter of 2014 this product has been launched into serial production and is in great demand in the segment of belts for light and medium operational conditions.

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