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Low-combustible conveyor belt

Conveyor transport is an essential instrument of mining operations; its mass use in mines requires increased safety parameters, in particular to the conveyor belt.

After the adoption of the law by Rosnadzor on ensuring safety requirements on mines, experts of Rubex Group began developing of a fire-resistant / low-combustible conveyor belt. During the progress more than 2500 variants of rubber compounds have been tested.

As a result we have achieved high rates of fire safety: the oxygen index of rubber compound being used is not less 30% (26% in typical belts). The belt passes self-extinguishing tests – after exposure of the flame in the laboratory tunnel for 5 minutes, the length of the undamaged section of the belt is at least 30%.

The belts are produced with additional breaker layer that provides protection to the belt surface from impact loads and longitudinal rips. These belts are recommended for exploitation on main and district mine workings, with dust and gas hazard. Our range includes all sizes of low-combustible conveyor belt with tensile strength from 800 N / mm to 2500 N / mm.

Today Rubex Group provides more than half of the needs of the mining industry in Russia with low-combustible conveyor belt. Our regular customers are all key players of the Russian market, including Kuzbassrazrezugol, Evraz, Koks-Mining, Marganetsky GOK, Raspadskaya, SUEK, Jakutugol, Juzhkuzbassugol, Alrosa.

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