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Износостойкие резинотканевые шламовые рукава для магистралей диаметром до 610 мм и рабочим давлением до 16 бар.

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Rubex Group предлагает комплексное решение от разработки документации до монтажа износостойкой магистрали.

Hydraulic hoses with small bending radius

On the order of customers Rubex Group has established production of new types of hoses, demanded in machinery engineering and agriculture. In 2014 the production of new hydraulic hoses started: SPC16 P410, 2SNK-10 P385, 2SNK16 P290, 2SNK 12 P345BAR.

A distinctive feature of this product is improved operational performance comparing with European standards EN. Testing of new hydraulic hoses types were carried out in the test center of OJSC Kurskrezinotekhnika and confirmed high performance parameters of the hoses:

  • increase of operating pressure from 17 to 40% (depending on hose type)
  • provide hermeticity and strength reserve at higher pressure up to 40%
  • available supply in coils up to 300 l.m.
  • perfect appearance of the hoses
  • smaller bending radius comparing with EN standards

Hydraulic hoses with small bending radius of Rubex Group manufacture is operated at mines of OJSC Vorkutaugol and are very popular among our dealers.

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