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Износостойкие резинотканевые шламовые рукава для магистралей диаметром до 610 мм и рабочим давлением до 16 бар.

8 (800) 505-98-70
Rubex Group предлагает комплексное решение от разработки документации до монтажа износостойкой магистрали.

Plates for wagon tipplers

Wagon tippler is an efficient device of mechanization with rate of discharge up to 30 wagons per hour. Performance growth of wagon tippler is ensured with equipment of them with automation systems of unloading operations and inertial unloading machines in covered railcars.

However, at the operation revealed that sticking and freezing of the discharged materials take place on the walls of the hopper. This significantly reduces the service life of wagon tippler.

Rubex Group has developed a special rubber plate to protect the walls of the hopper from freezing, adhesion and abrasion of bulk materials. Rubber plate is set to the wall of wagon tippler and operates at the temperature range from -30°C to +50°C.

Today our plates for wagon tipplers are operated at such enterprises as ArcelorMittal, Eurocement resource, Kuznetskugol, Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works, Ural Steel, Evraz, Koks Holding and many others.

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