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Oil- heat- and frost-resistant conveyor belt

Conveyor belts are operated under the most extreme thermal, abrasive, acidic and alkaline conditions. Production peculiarities with transporting some materials on the conveyor do not allow the use of conveyor belts with single properties, and require a combination of several parameters.

OJSC Uralkali (the world’s leading potassium fertilizer producer with a global market share of about 20%) in their production cycle used conveyor belt with the transported material – evaporate concentrate with oil I-40, which much continue to operate at a temperature range from -50°C to + 100°C. Imported belts and belts of domestic manufacturers did not meet the total requirements of the operational conditions – at a significant decrease of temperature in winter period cracking occurred on the external rubber covers of the belt and as a result, increased downtime and between overhaul intervals.

In 2004 experts of Rubex Group in close cooperation with OJSC Uralkali designed and carried our successful operational tests of oil- heat- and frost-resistant conveyor belt (MSTM), which satisfies all the requirements, namely combining resistance to oil, increased temperature mode and resistant to severe frosts.

In the complex of basic physical and mechanical properties of the belt MSTM, produced with usage mainly local raw materials and polyether-polyamide fabrics, not only meet the performance of the world competition, but also exceed them in terms of frost resistance – remain resistant to cracking at bend after exposure of temperature minus 50°C for 192 hours.

Developed by Rubex Group rubber compound provides the following special properties of rubber covers:

 Parameter designation TS standard Actual value
Change of parameters after exposure of standard aggressive liquid SJR-2 during 24 hours at temperature 100 ºС, %, within the limits of:
-hardness Shore A ±20 10,1
-mass ±20 14,3
Change of mass after exposure of oil I-40 during 24 hours at temperature 100 ºС, %, not more 20 12,9
Change of conditional elongation after aging in air during 24 hours at temperature 100 ºС, %, not less
-40 -28,6
Cracking at bend after exposure of low temperatures   — 50 ºС during 120 hours. Absence of cracks Absence of cracks
Volume loss at abrasion, mm3, not more 100 85

Oil- heat- and frost-resistant belts manufactured by our company tape exceed current regulatory requirements. The successful experience of our conveyor belts MSTM operation is confirmed by the long-term cooperation with companies dealing with extraction of potassium (OJSC Uralkali, OJSC Belaruskali).

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