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General purpose conveyor belts of economy class

Experts of Rubex Group over the past 2 years have carried out the complex of research and development works on the possibility of conveyor belts of economy class producing by the modernized designs and new materials application.

As a result, our company has developed an alternative to general purpose conveyor belts with special rubber compounds. These belts have a change in their performance characteristics and are designed for use in areas of special light conveyor systems. This product can be used in agriculture, construction, mining of non-metallic building materials and so forth.

The use of light conveyor belts of economy class will allow the consumer to get a lightweight version of belts simultaneously with serial low-cost product. This is especially relevant in connection with different consumer behavior when using belts of classes A, B and L.

The release of new belts to the market allowed expanding our product portfolio and offering customers a variety of solutions depending on the operating conditions. We are ready to offer consumers high-quality belts of general purpose for responsible areas as well as belts of economy class with a reduced cost for especially light areas.

Belts are produced of synthetic polyamide and polyether-polyamide fabrics with a nominal strength of the warp 320, 480 and 640 N/mm with the carrying side covers thickness from 1 to 3 mm, non-working cover – from 0 to 1 mm. The number of plies varies from 2 to 4, with the belt width from 200 to 1400 mm.

Our clients are: BKHP, Ivanovo techcarbon and rubber, Kant cement plant, Kondopoga and many others.

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