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Conveyor belt of increased heat-resistance up to 300°С

The major problem of heat-resistant conveyor belts is their low resistance to high temperatures. The maximum temperature, at which burning of rubber cover does not occur while transporting hot bulk material, does not exceed 200-250°C. With increase of the temperature a rapid destruction of the belt takes place. All attempts to increase the resistance to high temperatures of the rubber have not brought significant success yet.

The biggest metallurgical enterprises of Russia – Mechel, Rusal, MMK, Severstal feel the need to improve the performance of the conveyor belts with a temperature of transported material over 250°C in terms of increasing the belt lifetime and temperature of transported material.

To solve the problems with increased resistance of the belts to high temperatures experts of Rubex Group have developed a special design of the belt using composite fabrics. The operating temperature of such materials is 750°C – 800°C, minimum thermal conductivity, there is no sparking during operation, allowing unobstructed use in mining and other hazardous industries.

Our new belt RUBEX PLASMA with basalt passed performance tests on one of the largest companies of Mechel holding – Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant. Tests have confirmed an increase in the resource of a new conveyor belt to 1.5-2 times comparing to standard T3 (at the absence of violations of operation). At that service life is not less than 6 months at a temperature of transported material up to 300°C.

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