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Innovative conveyor belt of increased heat-resistance up to 400°С

Taking into consideration the wishes of the largest metallurgical enterprises of Russia regarding improving the performance of the conveyor belts with a temperature of transported material over 250°C in terms of increasing the lifetime and temperature of transported cargo, we continue to develop the range of products with high heat resistance.

Experts of Rubex Group developed and launched the unique product – innovative conveyor belt T-4 with a temperature of transported cargo up to 400°C.

Our laboratory employees carried out extensive work on the creation of a new rubber compound, which has high heat resistance characteristics (without analogues in the world).

As a result, the use of innovative rubber compound T-4 of own production and fabrics of high strength allowed to produce a product with the characteristics necessary for operation under the most extreme operating conditions during transportation of hot materials.

Our conveyor belt Rubex Plasma T-4 is designed for the transport of highly abrasive, abrasive, low abrasive and non-abrasive materials with temperatures of transported cargo up to 400°C and 700°C briefly, on conveyor belts at an angle of inclination of the conveyor from -16° to + 18°C and at ambient temperature from -25°C to + 60°C.

The assortment of innovative belts corresponds to individual requirements of our customers: the strength from 800 to 2400 N/mm with the number of plies from 4 to 6.

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