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Abrasion-resistant conveyor belts

One of the most important parameters of conveyor belts in decisive areas of the main conveyors is operational reliability, namely lifetime resource. Consumers treat conveyor belts of the leading European manufacturers with great confidence. However, the Russian developments in the production of high-strength conveyor belts can decently compete with imported products.

To prove this fact, Rubex Group has carried out comparative tests of similar belts of own production and the leading European manufacturer. The experiment was taken on the basis of the certified test center of Kurskrezinotekhnika, which is equipped with the most modern equipment and is able to hold more than 150 different tests of technical rubber goods.

To demonstrational tests the representatives of the largest enterprises of mining and metallurgical industry have been invited: OJSC Lebedinsky GOK and OJSC Oskol Oskol Elektrometallurgical Plant.

The tests’ results confirmed full compliance Rubex Group belts to imported analogue and to DIN 22102:

Test name Standard Test’s results DIN standard conformity
TS 2561-216-00149245-96 DIN 22102-1: 2014-01 1.2X-2000-5-EP-630-X-РБ SUBW 3150/5-1RIP STOP 1.2X-2000-5-EP-630-X-РБ SUBW 3150/5-1RIP STOP
OJSC Kurskrezinotekhnika Leading European producer OJSC Kurskrezinotekhnika Leading European producer
Aggregate strength of the belt on warp, N/mm 3150.00 3150.00 3279.20 3300.70
Determination of conditional elongation on warp at 10% load of nominal strength of sample, % Not more 3.0 Not more 3.0 <3.0 <3.0
Strength of bond between elements, N/mm
Between carrying side cover and carcass Not less 4.0 Not less 4.5 15.60 16.40
Between layers Not less 4.5 Not less 4.5 From 15.8 to 16.4 From 16.0 to 18.1
Volume loss at abrasion according to ISO 4649:2010, mm3 Not more 120 Not more 120 80.00 90.00 *
Hardness of rubber cover, Shore A 50-60
Carrying side cover 64.00 63.00 Not regulated
Non-working cover 66.00 63.00 Not regulated

*Volume loss at abrasion indicator of Kurskrezinotekhnika’s belt is better than the European analogue’s one

The high quality of our belts is confirmed by Tulacement LLC. Since 2012 the company Tulacement LLC has been operating Rubex Group abrasion-resistant belts of type 2W and 2X. Under conditions of highly abrasive cargo (slag, clinker and high impact loads) our conveyor belts ensure smooth operation of conveyor transport in various industrial areas. Lifetime of imported conveyor belts at the company Tulacement LLC is 6-9 months, while the Rubex Group conveyor belts are operational for 12 months or more, therefore the company Tulacement LLC almost completely shifted to the use of our holding’s products.

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