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Rubex Group is a manufacturer of rubber and rubber-metal parts for screening machines.

We produce parts for screening machines of 2 types:

  1. Rubber parts (ГРО 82-4001, ГРО 82-7701);
  2. Rubber-metal parts (ГРО 82-45А).

The parts are designed to work in the air at temperatures from 0 to + 45 °C, under load of not more than 700 cycles per minute under deformation:

  • For parts ГРО 82-4001, ГРО 82-7701

Total (sum of values of preload and operating deformation) – not more than 20 % of the height of the detail, operating (the amplitude of the deformation in the process of work) – not more than 15 %

  • For parts ГРО 82-45А

total – not more 13%

operating – not more 8%.

Parts are manufactured in a unified design for operation in areas with a moderate climate and correspond to the group 2 of location category 2 according to GOST 15152.

Parts are resistant to weak (not more than 20 %) solutions of acids and alkalis. Acid- and alkali-resistance of the parts is provided by the applicable recipe of the manufacturer.

Example of designation when ordering parts labeled in the drawing ГРО 82-4001: Item ГРО 82-4001 ТS 38 105990-84. When ordering parts of a certain group of rigidity it is necessary to indicate in addition a group of rigidity or its value in accordance with these technical specifications.

* Характеристики продукции носят информационный характер, при заказе просьба уточнять у менеджеров нашей компании.