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Обращаем ваше внимание, что с 1 апреля 2020г. произойдет изменение цен на некоторые группы продукции Rubex Group.

Конечную стоимость продукта просьба уточнять у менеджеров компаний или в нашем интернет-магазине.

Antistatic conveyor belt

The companies with the presence of flammable liquids, combustible gases and dust solids have high fire hazard – chemical plants, production areas of preparation and transportation of coal dust, wood flour, powdered sugar, packing and separate department of mills and sawmills, woodworking, carpentry, timber packing and other industries.

Considering the demands of consumers, Rubex Group for the first time in Russia has developed a special antistatic conveyor belt. This product removes static electricity, thus ensuring that no sparks occurring during operation and fire safety of sections using antistatic conveyor belt.

Wide dimensional range allows using our product for a variety of operating conditions for specific customer’s requirements. Antistatic conveyor belt for the transport of materials on industrial units operating in explosion and fire hazardous industries is produced on the basis of fabric BKNL-65-2 with the number of plies from 3 to 8, which allows varying the strength of the belt in the range from 165 to 440 N/mm.

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